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  1. yothsothgoth Aug 23, 2012

    Anyone still around?

  2. e1ectric Oct 23, 2010

    Actually I say Inception a week or two ago. It was much better than the plot summary that I had read would have indicated.

  3. yothsothgoth Oct 05, 2010

    They're still finishing up - man, I wish they'd hurry up with the trailer. >_<

    Anyways, seen any good films/movies lately?

    ...I saw The Cove last week finally... made me so angry, but that's more an environmental/save dolphins group topic... :P

  4. e1ectric Aug 07, 2010

    That sounds pretty cool. Please do tell when it comes out.

  5. yothsothgoth Aug 03, 2010

    A Halo 3 Machinima - more serious than Red vs Blue, but with episodes too. Its fan based, but they have a composer working on the music, quite a few voice actors, and we've got people working on the CG. I dunno if I can really talk about it, but I tell everyone as soon as we release - I'm sending everyone links! XD

    Its a lot of fun and I really go hope it turns out well. I love being a 'bad guy' ... I mean girl, its really awesome. I'm hoping I can voice act for a long time. I really want to get into doing the stuff like what Pixar does or do English dubbed anime. My mom's a radio personality - so maybe I got a little bit of her gift for enunciation and the ability to shed an accent. ^_^

  6. e1ectric Aug 03, 2010

    Voice acting gig! Really? I'm impressed. What show is the voice acting gig for?

  7. yothsothgoth Jul 29, 2010

    I know... I've been at Taglicious mostly instead of here... as well as my voice acting gig. >_< Sucks up most of my time nowadays.

    I saw a few episodes of "Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman"... pretty good series.

  8. e1ectric Jul 02, 2010

    oh, goody all are on systems I don't have...
    Well I don't game much anyways, however it would be nice to get a new game for when I'm bored. That should tie me over for a year or two.

    merged: 07-26-2010 ~ 12:28am
    It's so lonely around here again.

  9. yothsothgoth Jul 01, 2010

    Um, well Fallout: New Vegas and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword are two I'm interested in... as in the Wii motion plus and the new motion sensor for PS3. I'd still like to check out Red Dead Redemption... but its already out.

  10. e1ectric Jun 19, 2010

    Anything good coming out, or should I not waste my time?

  11. yothsothgoth Jun 17, 2010

    ...I've been kinda dry for ideas and mostly sucked into E3 as of late...
    <<<--- completely useless -_-

  12. e1ectric Jun 05, 2010

    I don't believe in luck (or miracles). To me, luck means that X would have happened to you independent of the situation. I believe in circumstances, where you don't always have complete control of the situation, and something, good or bad, happens to you that you couldn't avoid in that situation. An example would be that you get rear ended while stopped at a traffic light. Would that have happened if you were in a different situation like sitting at home watching TV? I hope not. Statically speaking a certain percentage of cars get rear ended at traffic lights, and you just happened to be that statistic. I'm a firm believer in making your own luck, like my internship this summer wouldn't have been if I hadn't worked all last summer teaching myself how to design and build electronics (which is actually the most fun I've had in one summer). I've also been in many 'close calls' and they all worked out (being close calls and all), but I've also been in some not so close calls (didn't work out, imagine an unsuspecting person being beamed by a sandbag, passing out and finding himself in a hospital with major hospital bills for relatively minor injuries). Wouldn't necessarily call that a miracle, nor would I have said it was a it was a miracle if that sandbag had whizzed past my face instead of attempting to occupy the same space as my head. It was simply a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I paid the price (drained my saving account quite severely).

    A bit off topic, but I don't think our plan to pick up more activity (besides us) is working all that well...

  13. yothsothgoth Jun 04, 2010

    Its like asking someone what feels' the most right' to you? You should always follow your own personal feelings when it comes to beliefs and faith. ..whether its faith in yourself or in a higher power... I believe that there is a global sense of morality - nomatter what you believe. If someone beats it into you or someone forces you to say that you feel one way when you truly don't, yeah... its disrespectful to both parties...

    I've met quite a few people who have said similar things with their past having to do with some of their bad feelings towards certain religions. It should never be forced, but gently explained and thoroughly self-examined. Only you know how you feel and what you truly believe. I mean, I want everyone to believe as I do... but I also know that if I force my opinions and beliefs on others its only going to drive them farther away from thinking the same or drive them away from me. That's non-productive on a couple of levels.

    On a side note... abortion I've never approved of except in cases of rape or incest... but when you have to put yourself in someone else's shoes. If it were you - and you were really scared - for whatever reason - it'll probably cross your mind in that moment of fear - whether you believe in abortion or not... I could say the same about a situation in where someone could ask me about miracles (divine intervention) and if I believe in them. I would have to say yes because of how many close calls I've had and ALL of them turned out alright. Its how I interpret my experiences at those moments that differentiate them from what some people consider 'luck'. That's what my gut/conscience says...and ignoring that is like denying you own personal self-truth. Someone else may call it luck, but I don't believe in luck since I have crappy luck when it comes to everything for 'self gain.' If I were 'lucky', I'd have a job, more money, and more people would like me. >_<

  14. e1ectric Jun 03, 2010

    I like that train of thought, where you believe what you want to believe because you choose it and not because you were raised in that belief. I find I have less respect for the people who believe something because their parents or whoever expects them to believe it.
    I could care less what most people believe in as long as they don't push it on me. I also appreciate conversations about religion when the other person actually chose the religion they belong to and are not the brainwashed lunatics (who seem to like calling me whatever phrase they think most offensive to be called, if I was part of their religion, because they fear that if I'm right (supposing there was no divine being) their life was wasted or they chose the wrong religion or something).
    I can trace many of my morals springing from what was beaten (figuratively, although on occasion literally) into me by my ever so kind nuns/teachers (apparently they weren't allowed to hit students... if only I had known at the time, might have saved me a few good slaps with the ruler). I did change a few of my morals to reflect my choice to attempt not to impose on others' choices (for instance I would advise against getting an abortion, however I am not going to stop, impede or in any way other way interfere with someone who wants to get one. It's not my choice it's their choice). My mother was the one who insisted that I be a Catholic, until I said no to confirmation, where she realized that I had made my choice and that I had my reasons to back it up (but mostly that I felt it would be a huge disrespect to the Church if I participated in their rituals without truly believing the religion). My dad never talked about religion, and to this day I think he is the closest anyone can get to not caring even the tiniest bit about religion, and how it might affect something.
    The real thing that turned me away from religion in general, is that I could never get clear answers to anything, there was lots of circular logic, and the heaps of hypocritical statements, that I couldn't force myself to accept without question (plus anytime I asked a tough question, the teacher would either pretend to know and give me a load of BS, or I'd get in trouble, where I would have accepted an 'I don't know' and a finger point in a direction where I might get a better answer). I looked at many religions, but about half way through it went from trying to find a new religion to picking and choosing things I liked from a religion and discarding the rest.
    I also have to admit I have an interest in how people chose their current beliefs, as it provides insight on how people who think differently from myself make decisions.

  15. yothsothgoth May 30, 2010

    Quote by e1ectricI also asked a Pastafanarian about your comment, and he retorted that they were not 'true pirates', as "True pirates be merry and have swashbucklin' fun drinkin' their (assumed alcoholic) beverage o' choice, and watchin' jollily uncovered thin's (assumed to be strippers), and bein' overall nice people."

    Ah... so true pirates are fun/nice pirates? ...not to say that I don't feel bad for those people who feel like they're driven to piracy over there in Somalia... but it sounds no better than those here who want to make quick cash by robbing people or selling drugs. Humm... guess I don't have much sympathy for them now that I think of it that way.

    I suppose I've always been interested in how people believe what they do and why. I know that my parents heavily influenced my original core beliefs and such, but it was I who finally had to make the decision, "IS this what I REALLY, TRULY believe?" I differ in certain simple beliefs, but the core ones remain still. I even searched through other world religions to make sure that I didn't think less of mine while searching through someone else's. I still came to the same conclusion that mine was right... at least for me. ...and yes, my religion says that all others are incorrect and that everyone who doesn't believe in my core beliefs will not get into heaven... but I don't go around telling people 'they're going to hell and whatnot' because its rude, inappropriate, and I believe that you need to self examine before you examine others. Also, finding out why people believe what they do can be an enlightening experience for both parties. :D

    (in my opinion) Some people are driven away from religion because of how their parents approached them with it or how they felt on the inside towards their beliefs. <---I have a friend who I feel that this is why he feels the way that he does. Some people (I think) stay away from religion because of how they are treated by those who are 'religious'. My younger brother says that he stays away from religion because he hates how corrupted mass religion has become. He believes that the corrupted leaders and systems have differed very little since long ago. If he does practice any religion, he's private about it.

    I wish to learn why others believe the way that they do... and why they think they feel however they do about their beliefs.

  16. e1ectric May 28, 2010

    I totally missed all that stuff in Star Wars. I'm feeling a bit stupid for missing the more obvious stuff, but overall surprised at the sheer amount of references to differing beliefs (although that's not hard with hundreds, if not thousands of religions out there)
    I see what you're getting at with the Na'Vi. That actually sounds more like the Native American belief of the Great Spirit, where everything has a spirit and all the spirits make up the Great Spirit, and when something dies it's spirit goes back to the Great Spirit. Interesting belief, but it's been a while since I looked at it.
    I also asked a Pastafanarian about your comment, and he retorted that they were not 'true pirates', as "True pirates be merry and have swashbucklin' fun drinkin' their (assumed alcoholic) beverage o' choice, and watchin' jollily uncovered thin's (assumed to be strippers), and bein' overall nice people."

  17. yothsothgoth May 25, 2010

    I also believe that it was more for the money and the religious applications and 'beliefs' came afterwards. Star Wars is a whole other story. Rather than restate wikipedia's article on Philosophy and Religion in Star Wars, I'll just say that its a reflection of what many faiths believe - with true good and true evil battling for dominion of the universe - with good prevailing, but not without sacrifice and loss. Btw, the article is interesting and they did apply to make the 'Jedi' an actual official religion.

    Avatar came up with a pagan-esque religion where everything has a spirit and everything will return again (Hindu-esque). I read somewhere that people are saying that the "Na

  18. e1ectric May 21, 2010

    Personally I think that L. Ron Hubbard just wanted to see if people would believe his outlandish ideas (and pay him money for them). I haven't ever really thought about any religious consequences of Star Wars or Avatar, and as such I can't really think of how they would have affected religion. Maybe someone could enlighten me. However, Pastafarianism is intriguing to me, because it was a rather silly (and effective) way of getting a message across on a serious matter. That message happened to spawn a movement (I'm not sure if I'd call it a religion, however I'm not an authority that determines true religions from groups of like minded people)

  19. yothsothgoth May 20, 2010

    Sure. Humm... how about discussing science fiction writers or movies and their contributions to new religions or religious thoughts?

    Examples: Scientology and L.Ron Hubbard or Star Wars and George Lucas or even James Cameron and Avatar.

  20. e1ectric May 20, 2010

    Yay! only 3.5 weeks! Do you want to start a conversation and see if we can pick up some more activity?

  21. yothsothgoth May 19, 2010

    Tell me about it... I know that I'm not online like I used to be, but still - some group's have been seriously quiet lately. <_<

  22. e1ectric Apr 23, 2010

    Wow the last post was 5+ weeks ago. Is anybody still around or will it be another month or 2 before someone sees this post?

  23. yothsothgoth Mar 17, 2010

    Man, I have GOT to redo the color scheme for this group... >_<
    ...if any admin wants to fix it, be my guest - my computer's on the fritz... :( Sorry everyone.

    I'll have to check that one out sometime. I'm always looking for a book with some depth... and there's a bookstore in my town that's going out of business and its selling its entire stock, so I'll keep my eyes peeled.

    merged: 03-18-2010 ~ 12:19am
    Here's a different scheme I threw together... still not sure on a few things.
    Any comments or suggestions?

    Looks fine to me in Google Chrome and Firefox, but IE it looks plain...

  24. BobaFett2ha Aug 23, 2009

    I'm still around...most of the time. I recently finished reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, and I recommend it. It's a fast-paced cyberpunk novel that delves into Sumerian culture...just the way I like it.

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